The neurocavis DEEP MAGNETIC STIMULATION program is multidisciplinary, and offers “non-invasive” therapies as a first option. It allows us to choose the treatment regimen that best suits the needs of each person.

We frequently observe two simultaneous pathologies in the same patient at our Neuromodulation Unit, which is what we know as Dual Pathology, which forces us to resort to treatments with different helmets and even recommend invasive techniques.

The Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation System (Deep TMS System Brainsway) is the most advanced and versatile, currently available therapy in the field of NEUROMODULATION, as it exceeds surface systems by:

  • The design of the coils and their coupling to specific helmets.
  • The ability to adjust the helmet to the head morphology, ensuring that energy pulses are systematically received in repetitively selected target circuits, rather than exclusively cortical nodes.
  • The measurements and external cranial marks that contribute and allow the correct alignment and immobilization of the head without distortions, increasing the efficiency of the treatment
I have already tried different treatments will deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation be better?
How does the treatment work?
What will I feel during the treatment?
Has deep TMS technology been tested?
Does it imply risks or side effects?
Is deep TMS treatment for everybody?